CrowdQuests is a HackSauce product.  HackSauce is a partnership effectively between Jayen Ashar, Ken Tsang, Richard Tubb and Yvonne Lee.  The structure we have used is through our individual companies so the official partnership is between the companies where each of us are individual directors. 


Happy Goats was the team name we used at GovHack 2018 which is where CrowdQuests came to life.  

The Happy Goats team consists of:

  • Jayen Ashar
  • Ken Tsang
  • Richard Tubb
  • Yvonne Lee

Our general goals are to improve the data collection process and providing data for use by others in an efficient manner.  Data is something we’re all very passionate about and are all fans and believers of open data.

We’re based in Australia across NSW, Tasmania and soon (possibly!) Victoria and maybe Queensland.

We’d love to hear from you and find out how we can help getting more data cleansed and more data open

Why Happy Goats?  

Happy Goats is based off an animated gif used by Yvonne Lee (one of the founders) for use in the Slack productivity app.  It is used for all sorts of purposes, including an indication of happiness, a happiness generator and just general excitement.  

Three of the founders worked at Transport for NSW at the time of the GovHack event and used the happy goats gif frequently and the term Happy Goats for a number of things.  It was the obvious go to name for the team.


Jayen Ashar

Known as the IT Swiss Army Knife, Jayen is the founder of and a developer who loves the use of open data for making meaningful decisions. In his spare time Jay likes teaching people how to code.


Ken Tsang

Ken is the founder of providing great map based solutions for public transport users and operators. In his spare time Ken loves taking journeys on various transport modes like long train rides.


Richard Tubb

Also known as the emoji ninja, Richard is the founder of HazTime and was key in building GovHack into the largest Hackathon in Australia. In his spare time (and other times) Richard makes lots of (dad-like) jokes.


Yvonne Lee

Yvonne is the other founder of HazTime and has also founded startups oddswop and 99interns. In her spare time Yvonne likes starting up more startups and playing with her dogs.